What we do

  • Clinical work

    Clinical work

    The team at HFV have over 30 years experience of proactive veterinary input on modern livestock units and our everyday work reflects this. The majority of our work is pre-planned with your dedicated vet, but we build in capacity to cover the inevitable emergencies and routine TB work too. We value and prioritise the relationships you form with your vet, and pledge to make HFV a positive workplace so those relationships are secure long term.

  • Health planning

    Health planning

    Health planning isn't signing off a herd health plan, it's about knowing your herd: the strengths, the weaknesses, and prioritising the changes that bring the biggest value to your livestock and your business. We use shared technology to build a bespoke health planning framework for your farm - this allows us to be truly proactive; we plan health reviews based on your farms priorities, use your data to review outcomes important to you, and monitor how those outcomes change based on our inputs.

  • On-farm training

    On-farm training

    At Haywood Farm Vets we get to know your farm, your herd and your team. Using this knowledge, we build bespoke training packages for individuals, teams and groups of farmers that are focussed on your production system. These sessions are personalised, informal workshops, with a strong emphasis on discussion and practical solutions that work for your farm system. They have clear learning outcomes and empower both individuals and teams with practical skills and knowledge.

  • Fair priced medicines

    Fair priced medicines

    Haywood Farm Vets work closely with XLVets, manufactures and wholesalers to make sure you have a secure supply of essential medicines available at a competitive price and delivered free of charge. We work with clients to review medicine use, to check prevention strategies are working, that treatment protocols are evidence based, and that medicines are used responsibly and effectively. Clients are able to pre-order their medicines and vaccines which are delivered free of charge at the next visit, reducing the need for “just in case medicines” from vets' boots or from the pharmacy.